Lady M Confections

Green Tea Mille Crêpes, Latte made with Stumptown Coffee For those who follow me on Instagram, it’s not hard to see that I love all things green tea (it’s actually plastered in my Instagram bio, l-o-l). I am utterly obsessed with it, and not only in the form of tea but in dessert of all […]

Tranquil Tea Lounge

Blueberry Tea Cake, Coconut Oolong iced tea Tranquil Tea Lounge feels exactly how it sounds. It’s tranquil, kind of chic and modern but still cozy. It boasts an extensive list of delicious specialty and organic loose leaf tea blends, along with a great selection of delectable sandwiches and best of all, one of the most […]

Neveux Artisan Creamery

Blueberry Chèvre and Pumpkin Spice Cranberry I’m a HUGE ice cream enthusiast. If I stumble upon a creamery that I haven’t had, you can bet I’ll try it out even if it means spoiling a little bit of my appetite for dinner. As morning time summer treats, a mid-day snack, before-dinner sweets, or an appropriate […]